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Robotic Welding

We offer CNC robotic MIG welding using a state of the art 6 axis Cloos ROMAT® 320 which offers rapid and high quality welding with a repeatability of < 0.1 mm and twin pallets.

The CNC robotic welder offers a hemispherical working envelope of approximately1200mmØ x 1500 mm high, suitable for components up to 1m3 although the system is more ideally suited to smaller work at higher volumes where consistent weld is important such as in items bound for a consumer market.

CNC robotic welding requires a CAD CAM program which can be either set up by the machine operator or programmed offline based on solid models.

All CNC robotic welding components require fixtures which are fabricated in house. We also hold a large stock of existing fixtures for common jobs, many or which offer flexible options for modification.

There are many advantages with the use of CNC robotic welding technology. Already most other metalworking processes such as laser cutting, forming and machining are carried out using CNC technology to both speed up and improve the quality of the process. It makes sense that the transfer of this technology to welding would bring advantages, some of which are listed below:

Robotic Welding

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