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CNC Milling

We offer vertical CNC milling with 3 and 4 axis capability. Our largest capacity vertical CNC mill offers a working area of 1000mm x 500mm x 500mm with 2000mm specialist beds on the extrusion machining mills.

HAAS CNC MillingThe majority of CNC milling production is carried out of HAAS 4 axis machining centres with working envelopes of 1000mm x 500mm x 500mm. This allows us both scaleability and versatility, minimising downtime and allowing operators to move from machine to machine with greater ease.

CNC Milling Services In Steel and Aluminium

A range of other CNC mills are supported for more specialist requirements such as large capacity machining up to 2m in length for extrusion machining. The Kira offers 2m beds which are used primarily for machining of aluminium extrusions.

New For 2013

New for 2013 is the Haas VF-4SS high speed aluminium machining centre with 1,270 x 508 x 635mm xyz travels and a 12,000-rpm, 40-taper spindle providing superior surface finishes and extreme thermal stability ideal for high quality aluminium machining.

CNC Milling Services In Steel and Aluminium.

HAAS CNC Control:

Our HAAS CNC mills are each fitted with HAAS CNC Control as well as being hard wired to the design centre. The HAAS CNC Control offers advanced program editing, ISO standard G-code compatibility, tool life management, tool load monitoring, mid-program restart, self-diagnostics and graphic dry run features, thus making it a versatile system for both offline programming and operator control.


We pay particular attention to the tooling used. Tooling is selected to suit material type regularly inspected by both our highly experienced engineers as well as the inbuilt machine control system. We source tool tips from a wide range of suppliers to suit requirements, including:


To ensure the reliability of our machines a continual program of servicing is carried out with full machine inspection. Routine maintenance as well as parts replacements are carried out proactively to ensure maximum uptime and reduce lost production capability. We employ a full time maintenance engineer and keep a significant stock of spares to deal with unseen emergencies including servo and motor replacements, bearing failures and pcb card issues. Combined with managed redundancy we are ahead of the game and able to keep production going around the clock and keep deliveries on time.

CNC Milling Services In Steel and Aluminium

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